September 29, 2004

The Trump Doll...why?

NBC's The Apprentice has spawned and showcased all sorts of products, from Donald Trump's Trump Water last year to new Vanilla Mint Expressions Crest toothpaste, which was featured on last week's episode.

But now, comes the ultimate expression of The Donald's ego: The Trump Doll.

The doll (or is it an action figure), which is being introduced at the Times Square Toys R' Us this morning by the man himself, is the same size as a Barbie, and talks. It says 17 phrases, including, of course, "You're fired."

The doll will set you back a whopping $27, or about double the price of Mattel's Halle Berry Catwoman Barbie doll.

My daughter WON'T be getting this one...

Posted by mhking at September 29, 2004 07:53 AM

I wonder if one can brush away that awful combover.

Posted by: Fausta at September 29, 2004 09:23 AM
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