September 16, 2004

Ex-Guardsman Burkett uses Abiline, TX Kinkos; CBS documents came from there

New data on Rathergate continues to surface this evening from multiple fronts.

First from Drudge and Thursday morning's Washington Post:

Documents allegedly written by a deceased officer that raised questions about President Bush's service with the Texas Air National Guard bore markings showing they had been faxed to CBS News from a Kinko's copy shop in Abilene, Tex., according to another former Guard officer who was shown the records by the network.
WMCA New York host Kevin McCullough (also a denizen of my blogroll) then made a telephone call to that Kinko's and asked a simple question.
Just got off the phone with Abilene Kinkos: Bill Burkett has a standing account with the Kinkos in Abilene Texas, and while the lady who answered the phone would not be more specific she did say Burkett was in there last week....
Backcountry Conservative points toward Burkett's background as an officer in the Army National Guard. He's also live blogging this thing as it keeps itself alive.

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