September 01, 2004

Batten down the hatches! Frances is coming!

Hurricane Warnings have been issued for much of the southern half of Florida as Hurricane Frances continues to approach the east coast of Florida.

The most recent tracks are showing that Frances will strike somewhere between Vero Beach and West Palm Beach sometime late on Friday or early on Saturday.

Hurricane City is streaming coverage from the Hurricane Watch Shortwave net, local radio from the Bahamas and local television from South Florida.

Keep safe everyone!

UPDATE (9/2 8A ET):Everybody's gotta get out...

Prayers for safe passage for everyone in Florida, and those of us along Frances' projected path.

WSVN-TV/DT Miami is streaming live video at (WMP). Other television and radio stations in South and Central Florida will be streaming later today.

The current path of Frances has a target solution that is continually being revised southward. The other, less spoken, portion of that message is that there is a realistic possibility that Frances may hit the Port Charlotte area with hurricane force winds in the midst of their clean-up from last month's Hurricane Charley.

Also not noted is that this could emerge in the Gulf of Mexico, where waters are as warm or warmer than they are on the Atlantic side of Florida. This brings an even more complex set of calculations and preparations. Everyone needs to keep an eye out on this one and be prepared to move quickly.

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