July 26, 2004

Oompa Loompas were sighted at NASA this week...


"Mr. Kerry? I have Mr. Dukakis on the phone for you..."

Posted by mhking at July 26, 2004 07:25 PM

I've seen enough photos of Kerry looking silly that by now I've decided his PR people are republicans.
And how about his pitching at the weekend game?

Posted by: Fausta at July 26, 2004 07:39 PM

*THAT* one is funny!

Posted by: DarkStar at July 26, 2004 09:20 PM



Posted by: Beck at July 27, 2004 01:31 AM

There's another photo up at Instapundit, via Times. Ergh . . .

Posted by: Lola Lee at July 27, 2004 05:41 AM



Posted by: Anon at July 27, 2004 10:31 AM

If their convention is broadcast in Wonkavision, they'll have the chocoholic vote sealed up. Better get Zogby to figure out the impact of that, stat.

Posted by: jon at July 27, 2004 10:53 AM

"John Kerry emerges from his mother's womb."

Posted by: Sterling at July 27, 2004 11:11 AM

Really now, who cares? I think the big story would have been if he refused to take the NASA tour because he'd have to wear a silly-looking suit. Real news, please.

Posted by: randy at July 27, 2004 11:19 AM

Not as funny as Prezident ChickenHawk's Flight suit, though.

Posted by: erg at July 27, 2004 12:12 PM

Re: Kerry pitching, see http://www.jenmartinez.com/mt/archives/2004_07.php#001140

Posted by: Tony at July 27, 2004 12:29 PM

Um, erg, not to interrupt your sweet dreams, but the W flight suit pics drove libs nuts because he looked confident, manly and as I was told by many women, hot. The new Kerry as Woody-playing-a- sperm pics drive libs nuts because he looks like a big frikkin' dork on the eve of his Boston debutante ball/cotillion.
One thing never changes though: libs=nuts.

Posted by: Mr. Dart at July 27, 2004 01:00 PM

Teresa would be perfect as the girl that turned into the blueberry.

Posted by: Bill Roggio at July 27, 2004 01:02 PM

Maybe he needs the suit to dig into Bergler's boxers for the missing documents.

Posted by: clark at July 27, 2004 01:56 PM

These idiots in the Dem PR Handling outfit still haven't figured it out. Costumes don't work. Kerry would probably look comfortable in military parade dress, because he's worn it before.
W looked fantastic in his flight suit because he's worn it before.
Playing "dress up" always makes people uncomfortable, like Democrats at their convention. You can see and nearly feel their barely controlled facade waver as they speak to the various networks, the veneer of civility slipping.
Kerry is wearing a veneer of "all things to all people," and he doesn't look the part because he's never done it before. Before, it was "all things to John Kerry."

Posted by: themarkman at July 27, 2004 02:02 PM

Michael, you're going to love this http://www.poliblogger.com/poliblog/archives/004257.html
Live long and prosper!

Posted by: Fausta at July 27, 2004 03:14 PM

"Prezident Chickenhawk's flight suit"

Bush looked like he belonged in that flight suit because he did. Dukakis (to keep the military theme) looked like Snoopy in that tank because he had as much business being in a tank as Snoopy. Kerry, pfeh.

You know what you got, erg? You got NOTHING. Just pre pubescent playground trash talk you poopy head. HA! take that!

Posted by: Lee at July 27, 2004 04:05 PM

This blog site is the best!!!If I hadn"t sent "W" and the RNC so much money I would surely send it here.I did vote fer ya.

Posted by: marty at July 27, 2004 06:39 PM

Dukakis was a tank driver in the army, Lee.

Bush, well, you do keep hearing abouutt his ANG service...

Posted by: colereux at July 27, 2004 09:43 PM

Teresa (holding the phone) - John,darlink, this is for you. Some guy by name Woody Allen. Wants you to be in his next movie.

Posted by: Herman at July 28, 2004 01:00 AM


Kerry is so pathetic, he makes Dukakis look statesmanlike.

Posted by: Konrad at July 28, 2004 01:40 AM

Kerry has already had a few campaign crushing "Dukakis Moments" such as crashing into a Secret Service Agent on the slopes and then unleashing a string of obsenities on this man who has vowed to protect him or when he flipped off a Vietnam Vet at the memorial in front of a group of school children. However, the partisan media has been very careful not to cover his flubs so as not to repeat the Massachusetts Jinx. I suspect you won't see much of this in the media either. Thank God for site like this.

Posted by: PK at July 29, 2004 01:44 AM

It is the typical and fitting pix of a flip-flopper who took a camera into the military service to film his own heroic acts yet blew up a bag of rice in a sampan and got a purple heart for the grain of rice that stuck in his ass. His platform is to give away America to the UN and France. And he wants to be President! God Forbid!

Posted by: Joe Prince at July 29, 2004 01:31 PM

Oompa Loompa doompadee doo
I've got another waffle for you
Oompa Loompa doompadah dee
If you are wise you won't vote for me

What do you get from a war with VC?
A nick and a cut and a medal or three
Why don't you try simple diplomacy?
Or could you just not export democracy?

You'll get no
You'll get no
You'll get no
You'll get no
You'll get no procurements!

Oompa Loompa Doompadee Dah
If you marry rich you will go far
You will live in happiness too
Like the Oompa
Oompa Loompa doompadee do

Posted by: American Kafir at July 29, 2004 01:46 PM

Willy Wonka jailed over photo leak.

www.right-wingattackmachine.com has the story

Posted by: Chris at July 30, 2004 10:28 PM

If they could only get Omar the Tent Maker to make Michael Moore one of these suits... After a few minutes, the hot air inside would propel Mr. Moore into the atmosphere, where he belongs.

Posted by: AndyR at August 5, 2004 03:57 PM

Note to ERG: Bush really did fly jets (Very well according to his training officer). But the question is: Did Kerry really spend time in space or was he just spaced out in Willy Wonka Land?

Posted by: dennyR at August 5, 2004 05:16 PM

concerning Kerry: phoney photo ops don't make a good potential president. I have never seen so many silly staged photos of "sporty jock-shots" in any candidate.--GET REAL NIT-WIT!!! You don't fool anyone with the wind surfing stunt etc. and you look extra silly in the "oompa suit."

Posted by: karen R at August 8, 2004 08:05 PM


Posted by: Scott at September 29, 2004 03:21 PM

in community

Posted by: rbc at January 17, 2005 09:28 PM

he looks alot like my friend tom i think it may have been him

Posted by: Daniel Clarke at February 7, 2005 11:53 AM

I would have to agree with Daniel Clarke when he said he looks a lot like Tom G.

Posted by: Suze at February 8, 2005 12:14 PM

good good good

Posted by: Morgan at August 2, 2005 01:59 PM
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