June 29, 2004

My ugly mug is gonna be on your TV tonight...

Well, let's do it again.

I'm set to be on Fox News Channel's Hannity & Colmes tonight in the 9:15 segment. The subject this time around is Ketchup Boy's "lack of diversity."

Darryl Fears has a piece in this morning's Washington Post where he discusses "concerns" among black America with John Kerry's lack of outreach among blacks in America.

"You pick up the paper . . . and you see a picture where he's surrounded by all whites," Ronald Walters, a University of Maryland political scientist who helped run two presidential campaigns, said of Kerry. "That's sensitive to black Democrats. It raises questions about the lack of blacks and Hispanics in his inner circle."

"What [Democrats] usually do is wait until the last minute and try to stir up interest in the black community, which would be a serious mistake," said the Rev. Joseph E. Lowery, former president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in Atlanta and current chairman of the Georgia Coalition for the People's Agenda. "They tend to take us for granted."

There is a tangible, visceral hatred for Republicans in general and for George W. Bush in particular among many blacks. With that element in play, most of the black support for Kerry (and it is considerable at this stage) is not so much a ringing endorsement for the presumptive nominee, but a stingingly vocal denoucement of George W. Bush.

There is a fundamental perception that conservatives not only hate minorities, but are actively seeking to do away with them. This perception is fostered by half-truths, innuendo and outright lies by those on the left, and the simple fact that the right has neglected to counter those stories and lies.

And of course a lie told enough times becomes truth in effect if not in fact.

Historically, all truth, wisdom and knowledge in black society came from the pulpit. One's minister was (and still is) held in highest regard among the black community. By extension, every and anyone who is invited to speak in that same pulpit is accorded the same measure and level of respect. Because of that, many of the "civil rights professionals" and black intelligensia who have pushed their views on blacks in America, have done so and been able to do so from the pulpit, lessening the chances that their statements, whether true or not, would be challenged.

Conservatives in general and the GOP in particular has ignored those statements and speakers. And when combined with historic missteps during the Civil Rights era, a picture has been created that paints conservatives as an evil "boogieman" who would rather turn back the clock on black progress than to extend a hand of friendship.

When someone like myself shows up, who can see beyond the veil of the half-truths and innuendo painted by the man in the pulpit, we are derided as heretics and heathens. Names like "uncle tom" and "lawn jockey" are hurled our way. It's easy when using the power of raw emotion to not only imply that there is a hatred of blacks on the part of conservative blacks (it ain't true), but then to use that emotion to create a hatred of conservative blacks who have supposedly "sold out" their souls to the "white devils" in exchange for "a few pieces of silver."

But I digress. There's plenty more time for that conversation. Just not right now.

I am supposed to be on opposite Ron Daniels, executive director of the Center for Constitutional Rights. Daniels says that while Kerry is not quite doing enough, blacks are supported by the Democratic party far more than the Republicans do or would. [shrug] So what else is new. New day, different mouthpiece.

I'm just hoping that I don't get beat up again by Alan Colmes like I did last time. I'm supposed to be at their Midtown Atlanta studio tonight at around 8:45 for the 9:15 appearance.

Anyhow, that's on Fox News Channel's Hannity & Colmes, tonight.

I'll have a debrief online here after the fact (don't I always?). I'll see you then...

Posted by mhking at June 29, 2004 03:32 PM

Damn, I wish I had a TiVO. I'd love to see the segment. Can you get it ripped to quicktime or Windows Media for us who might not be able to catch it?

Posted by: Sharp as a Marble at June 29, 2004 03:38 PM

Time to go set the VCR!

Posted by: King of Fools at June 29, 2004 03:53 PM

nice. i'll definitely be watching. good luck, sir, and take it easy on Mr. Colmes. he seems so fragile!

Posted by: richard at June 29, 2004 04:04 PM

Congrats to you for your mug appearing on TV!

All I want, even though it will never happen, is for Bush to run a commercial saying "Vote for me, and I won't show up at your church once every four years and pretend to be down with the whole black church thing."

All I want, even though it will never happen, is for Bush to run an actual commercial like the ones that appeared in The Boondocks. The one that said "The people hatin' on Bush are just a bunch of bleep-bleep-bleeeeeep punks." The one that said "Quit the hatin'. Vote for Bush. Holla."

Posted by: Douglas at June 29, 2004 04:28 PM

I'll be watching tonight! Great to hear a conservative blogger on national TV. I have a question: Why is it that Bush has not garnered any more support in the black community? I just read a Pew Research Poll that showed the president actually has lost some support since 2000. 83% prefer Kerry to 6% for Bush...considering the high profile positions that Powell and Dr. Rice hold, I would think it might have gone up a bit...thanks and best of luck tonight!

Posted by: Neophyte Pundit at June 29, 2004 04:28 PM

When Gingrich attended the office of speaker, included in his speech was a statement that said conservatives were on the wrong side of the civil rights debate.

My question is, where did many Dixie-crats go when they left the Democrat party?

Posted by: DarkStar at June 29, 2004 08:09 PM

I'll tune in.

Good luck!

Posted by: republitarian at June 29, 2004 09:11 PM

Good show, Michael.

Posted by: Haws at June 29, 2004 09:44 PM

Hey Michael, saw you on Hannity and Colmes tonight. You did a great job. I'd love to have you on my radio show - Political Propaganda or Not. It airs on VoiceAmerica internet radio, Wednesdays from 2pm-3pm EST. Tomorrow I have Clovis Maksoud, former Arab League Ambassador to the UN and the US; Mark Corallo, Director of Public Affairs for the Justice Department and Congressman Boehlert. Let me know if you can call in tomorrow. Talk to you soon.

P.S. You can listen to past shows by going to Voiceamerica.com - click icon for all shows - click icon for politics - then click icon for my show.

Talk to you soon.


Posted by: Oliver Kellman at June 29, 2004 10:06 PM

I just finished watching you around 9:30pm. You were great, Michael. Your opponent left much to be desired. Who was that guy again? He just gave up on being rational and started rambling (almost mumbling) about how "we don't have no business being in Iraq no way." And you said something like, "That's immaterial to the point here." Solid.

Posted by: La Shawn Barber at June 29, 2004 10:06 PM

Try giving a sista a heads-up out here in the west!

Guess I'll catch you on the re-run.

Posted by: Juliette at June 29, 2004 10:53 PM

Good job, Michael!

Posted by: Darmon Thornton at June 30, 2004 12:04 AM

Man, I'm never around when you're on TV! Frustrating!

Michael, you know you're my favorite Uncle Tom. :-)

Don't feel bad. A commenter at Pardon My English referred to me as a "stupid f**k" this week.

We should start a bowling league for abused bloggers.

Posted by: Julie Anne Fidler at June 30, 2004 01:04 AM

Oh, you're so right about being taken for granted. I just wish more people would wake up and take notice.

Posted by: Lola at June 30, 2004 08:37 AM
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