June 16, 2004

Kenneth gives Bubba's book five stars

CBS anchordude Dan "What's the frequency, Kenneth" Rather was one of the few people to get an advance copy of My Life, Bill Clinton's new book. Ostensibly, he got ahold of it since he's going to softball question the former President on this Sunday's 60 Minutes.

"Maybe he didn’t come totally, absolutely clean with himself, but he made an effort to do it," he (Rather) said, "an effort it would be difficult to find with any former President."
'Kenneth' says he even likes the book.
"I liked it more than I thought I would," he said, "more than I was prepared to like it. Who knew that Bill Clinton could write this well?"
Bubba? Write? You sure it ain't a ghostwriter?

CBS is in an all-out full-court press on Bubba's book; don't forget the CBS Radio one-hour infomercial call-in talk show with Bubba with The Early Show's Harry Smith tomorrow evening at 6P ET.

My Life publisher Random House sure wants you to call in so that they can have a huge payoff with all of this free publicity.

(Courtesy Ace of Spades)

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