June 07, 2004

Jesse Jackson: 'Right Wing Is Not That Popular'

Jesse Jackson spoke at the closing luncheon of the Take Back America conference in Washington last Friday, and continued his ongoing attack on conservatives.

"The right wing is not that popular. It is sustained by big money. We can have a poor campaign, a rich message, we can outwork [conservatives] because we have a higher sense of purpose, mission and need," Jackson told the crowd.
Jackson also took aim at the press, insisting that they were complicit in the Administration's plans -- ostensibly a bitch-fest due to the fact that he (Jackson) can't get as much television "face time" as he used to.
"One reason why America has been so slow to react [in opposition] to this war is because of misinformation and disinformation. Europeans have reacted with much greater reaction [opposing the war] because they have more options in the media. Our media gets in the bed with the military in wartime," Jackson told a reporter after his speech.

"The whole media got suckered into the [Bush administration's] disinformation campaign and therefore was disseminating misinformation," Jackson said.

"Their journalism is unabashedly political. The more people who see it for what it is worth, the more they look for a more fair, accurate, balanced reporting. There are facts and there is context and there is truth," Jackson said.

Jackson's speech became -- much as many others' at the confab, a stump speech for John Kerry and a bash-fest on President Bush.
"George Bush campaigned as a compassionate conservative, implying that he was less dismissive of civil rights and labor than [former president Ronald] Reagan was and more open than his father (former president George H. Bush). But [Bush] has been a closed-door conservative," Jackson said.

"We can do better than George Bush as president," he added to loud applause.

Jackson also addressed some of the liberal activists' disappointment about Sen. John F. Kerry's stance on the Iraq War.

"For us, the issue is not should be we be on Kerry's ticket -- put Kerry on our ticket, we need him as president," he said to applause. A petition circulating among the liberal activists at the event asked for signatures to pressure Kerry to "present a plan to withdraw from Iraq." Kerry, the presumed Democratic presidential nominee, has been accused by some fellow Democrats of straddling the Iraq war issue.

Jackson's visceral hatred is so blatantly obvious in each of his speeches. Jackson attempts to get more face-time to make sure his own agenda stays in front of the American people. But on the whole, many people have seen Jackson for the charlatan that he is and has become.

Posted by mhking at June 7, 2004 07:36 AM

Since when do Europeans have more options in the media? USA has conservative, moderate, and liberal media in spades: print, TV, Internet. Europe has the first two in way less abundance, and the last is everywhere. Let's not forget that much of their media is government-owned. What Rev really means is that European media is socialist, which he loves.

Posted by: molotov at June 7, 2004 09:08 AM

Speaking of the weak Euros, boy do we miss that Margaret Thatcher, The Great "Lady Thatcher" and her firm leadership.

A strong conservative and principled woman she is............who, ironically, saved England from economic ruin the same way Ronald Reagan saved us from Jimmy Carter ruin.

What a weak president Carter was, and a weak man he remains.........absolutely worshipped in Europe.

Not to mention, not feared very much by muslim terrorists that wanna kill & maim us, all of whom - along with Jesse Jackson & Osama Bin Laden - will be voting for Mr. Kerry.

Great company.

Posted by: Beau at June 7, 2004 09:49 AM
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