May 24, 2004

Now that Michael Moore has left, new cracking sounds coming from collapsed CDG terminal building

Officials in France are now saying that fresh cracking sounds are coming from the same terminal building that partially collapsed at Paris' Charles De Gaulle Airport yesterday, killing four people. The new noises have prompted a complete evacuation of the new Air France terminall at CDG, where a 98-foot section collapsed at about 7 yesterday morning.

Air France officials are saying that they are considering scrapping the entire building. Terminal 2E was opened amid much fanfare 11 months ago. The construction project cost an estimated $890 million, and was touted as a showcase of design and architecture.

According to French network LCI, the opening of 2E had been originally delayed due to safety issues.

(There's no truth to the rumor that French officials were afraid of Paul Prudhomme's arrival on the heels of Michael Moore's departure...[g])

Posted by mhking at May 24, 2004 01:08 PM
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