May 15, 2004

Iron Blog, Battle Rumsfeld: "Who's spleen vents supreme!?"

Battle Rumsfeld was the mystery theme topic this week as challenger Ara Rubyan took on Iron Blogger Republican, Rosemary Esmay, "The Queen of All Evil".

The Chairman was impressed by the opening gambits by both sides, and watch with great intent the rebuttals that flew back and forth.

Unfortunately, one of the judges had to excuse himself, leaving the Chairman in the fourth judge slot. Scoring was close, with only 10 points separating our combatants. And now, the verdict.

Two friends and rivals took the field in this, the first ever battle at Iron Blog. Their nerves were showing with jittery openings, but each made a stronger case with each post. Challenger Ara Rubyan made a passionate, multi-pronged case for the dismissal of Rumsfeld, but the Iron Blogger responded with her own strong points and trademark razor tongue. Only one can walk away victorious. Who takes it? Whose spleen vents supreme?

Iron Blogger, Rosemary Esmay!
It's the Iron Blogger! Her case has brought her the adulation of the crowd in this, the first battle in Iron Blog! Let's go to the score cards.

Jim D scores it 59 - 55 for the Challenger, Jheka scores it 71 - 64 for the Iron Blogger, Urthshu scores it 52 - 46 for the Iron Blogger, and The Chairman scores it 65 - 64 for the Iron Blogger; a close battle to be sure, but a well won first victory for the Iron Blogger!

Other challengers wait in the wings; other views are waiting to be heard. The Iron Blog's doors are open; And join us Sunday as new battles are on the way!

Posted by mhking at May 15, 2004 08:46 AM

Jheka? Pffffffft. Zionazi twit who sleeps with a cat named 'Rummy.' The iron blogger must be his mother. Why else would he be picked as a judge.

Posted by: mad ovaries at May 21, 2004 07:31 AM
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