May 12, 2004

"Oh, well, move on to something else."

The World Wildlife Fund (I still haven't forgiven them for swiping WWF from WWE) swears up and down that there will be no more cod left on earth within 15 years.

"Overfishing of cod continues because fisheries policies are driven by short-term economic interests," said Scott Burns, director of WWF's Marine Conservation Program. "In several areas, like the North Sea and the Barents Sea, scientists are calling for lower fish quotas and cod fishing bans, but they are ignored, and business carries on as usual. The onus is on Russia and Norway to prevent the Barents Sea cod stock from suffering a similar fate to that of the North American cod stock which imploded in the 1990s and has not recovered yet."
My oldest daughter, the high schooler, didn't miss a beat:

"Oh, well, move on to something else that tastes good!"

Posted by mhking at May 12, 2004 07:27 PM

Ironically, I haven't forgiven the now-WWE for swiping the term "wrestling" from the most difficult sport ever, and making people think of real wrestling as faux-sports entertainment.

Posted by: Loweeel at May 13, 2004 01:22 AM

Now, this is true too...[g] (speaking as someone who grew up watching the true old school wrestling (Dick the Bruiser, The Crusher, Sailor Art Thomas,

Posted by: mhking at May 13, 2004 06:59 AM
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