May 12, 2004 non-partisan? Since when!

Looks like Bubba is lending his support to anti-Bush groups across the board.

He appeared at a fund-raising rally for and Voices for Working Families yesterday in New York. You know the spiel: "Bush is evil. If you vote for John Kerry, you can get the evil Republicans out. Just donate "X" for these organizations doing yadda-yadda-yadda..."


But the interesting thing that came out of it was that while is working against the President's reelection bid, they are "non-partisan."

Groups like MoveOn, the Media Fund and America Coming Together have raised more than $25 million for advertisements that criticize Bush's policies. Republicans contend the groups are "shadow parties" created by Democratic supporters to raise soft money.

Wes Boyd, a founder of, said those accusations are unfounded and that what they are doing is legal.

"The Republican National Committee has been trying to intimidate opponents of the Bush agenda," said Boyd who maintains his group is nonpartisan. "Those charges are ridiculous."

Did I miss something somewhere?

Boyd is about as non-partisan as Al Franken's shoe. But of course, since ABC said it, it must be true, right?

Yeah. Right.

(Courtesy Aldaynet)

Posted by mhking at May 12, 2004 11:23 AM

In fairness to ABC, they are just relaying Boyd's claim, "...said Boyd who maintains his group is nonpartisan."

That's not to say that lots of media outlets haven't described MoveOn as nonpartisan.

Posted by: Pat Curley at May 14, 2004 04:46 PM
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