May 11, 2004

Which is worse? A few naughty pictures, or the videotaped beheading of a prisoner?

Nick Berg owned a business in suburban Philadelphia. His dad, his brother and his sister live in the Philadelphia area. He was a contractor who went to Iraq to help out in the rebuilding of the infrastructure of that war-torn nation.

Nick Berg's face was seen today on a web-site known to belong to Al Qaeda. Berg was sitting in front of a group of masked thugs, who forced him to give his name, then promptly decapitated him.

And we're stuck listening to whining and crying about Iraqis being humiliated.

Perky Katie Couric keeps trying to tell us how evil the Bush Administration is every morning; Snotty Peter Jennings makes sure you know the same thing as you eat dinner each evening.

Nancy Pelosi screeches the same thing with all the presence of a mynah bird. John "Ketchup Boy" Kerry fusses about it -- at least between sessions of bitching about how pundits, commentators and other politicians need to leave his wife alone (when I hear Ketchup Boy try to play tough, I keep seeing Robert Conrad from the old Eveready commercials -- you remember the ones, with the battery on his shoulder, daring you to knock it off).

But none of them will reserve the same level or intensity of anger for Nick Berg's life.

Oh, we'll hear Al Franken and Whoopi Goldberg make light of Berg's death all over the place; we'll see postings from Democratic Underground and retardedly scrawled cartoons from Ted Rall insist that Berg deserved what he got because he worked for "eeeeevil" Halliburton or some other defense contracting firm -- after all, if he's associated with the defense industry in any way, shape or form, he's gotta be evil too, right?

My God, a man's life was taken by barbaric animals! Animals who have no concept of the meaning of the words "honor" or "integrity." No idea what "freedom" really means. "Truth" and "justice" are just some misbegotten notion to them.

And we're left with people like Jesse Jackson insisting that since a few prisoners in custody were harassed by their jailers that we are all of a sudden worse than the cretins who took Nick Berg's life.

Hand-wringers like Tom Daschle will show up on the Sunday morning talking head shows to try to tell us that we deserve anything we get, because we, as a nation, didn't do what the United Nations wanted us to do; because we didn't do what the Democrats on the Hill and across the nation wanted us to do.

What do you say to Nick Berg's family? Huh?

Oh, I know -- you'll want to lay the blame for his death at President Bush's feet.

Never one to place blame where it truly lies.

President Bush didn't stand over Nick Berg with a mask on. Donald Rumsfeld didn't raise a large knife over Berg's head and cut it off -- mind you, yelling "Allah Akbar" in the process. The Republican Party didn't plaster this on their web site, claiming that this fate awaited all other Americans.

But the liberals in this nation are going to place the blame squarely at the feet of those of us on the conservative side of the fence. "If we hadn't gone to war in the first place, none of this would have happened," is what they'll say.

If we hadn't gone to war, would Washington or New York or Los Angeles be a smoking crater right now? Huh?

A new CNN survey touted on the news this morning, indicates that more than 50% of Americans believe that the Iraqi war was not "worth it." How many more Americans' deaths will it take before it becomes worth it?

To hear John Kerry tell it, we would do better to pick up our toys and go home; a veritable modern-day Monroe Doctrine, if you will. Are you ready to wall off America from the rest of the world? Are you ready for the bad guys to come knocking on your door?

After all, the city council in Hamtrammack, MI has already given the OK for the Islamic Call to Prayer to be pronounced on loudspeakers in that sleepy little Detroit suburb. How much longer will it be before the city council in Hamtrammack "encourages" people to go to the mosque on a daily basis?

Bill Cosby unwittingly came up with the best analogy to this in his classic routine, Lights Out: "It's in your home state...[bump-bump, bump-bump]...It's outside your front door...[bump-bump, bump-bump]...and it's going to eat you up!"

You want to stop it now? Or wait until it's "outside your front door?" [bump-bump, bump-bump]

Posted by mhking at May 11, 2004 03:51 PM

The chickenheart! Wah! I smeared jello all over the floor!

Posted by: Bruce at May 11, 2004 04:04 PM

"I set the sofa on fire -- 'YOU WON'T COME NEAR A SMOKING FIRE AND JELLO!'"

Posted by: mhking at May 11, 2004 04:11 PM

Does anyone know the website where this murder was shown?

Posted by: W at May 11, 2004 04:37 PM

I'm not sure of the original site, but I know that a copy of the video is online at

Posted by: mhking at May 11, 2004 06:10 PM

To make a war you need more than one side,
that side can represented by a country or religion or any kind of group, is all the same thing.
Both sides of this war share the very same blame about all bad, ugly & grotesque things that happened.
Take a very extrernal perspective, like some extraterrestrials came from outer space & see what is happening here, they will only see animals from the same specie killing each other. That´s it & nothing more, we like it & that´s why we will end life in this planet sooner or later.

Each one of us has the blame for every war ever.
We attach to a lifestyle, we got brainwashed by the concept of country, group or religion, we see ourselves as very pacefull creatures, but don´t realize how violent is the country state of mind that we have whitin ourselves.

Posted by: No one at May 13, 2004 12:54 AM

I'm sorry, but to use your logic, we hold the blame for 9/11. And as we all know, that's a load of hooey.

Posted by: mhking at May 13, 2004 07:03 AM

ok um no we don't hold blame for 9/11 how could you possibly say it's our fault what the hell did we ever do? absolutely nothing i hate george bush and all this is his fault for having our troups there for no reason but 9/11 was not our fault i hope these 5 men are found and brutally beaten to death their lucky nick berg isn't related to me or my ass would be in iraq this second finding those 5 son of a bitches and murdering them with my bare fuckin hands >:O

Posted by: amber at May 13, 2004 06:12 PM

And that would make you better than them Amber? How would retaliation help AT ALL at this point? All of this is retaliation after retaliation.

And FYI to anyone who listens remotely to news, 9/11 was our fault. We ignored warnings, we tuned out the rest of the world, because we're America, goddammit, and we're so much better than everyone else.(If you can't find the sarcasm, there is no use in saving you now.)

The Bush campaign is resurrecting McCarthyism, making blind threats at people and places (Weapons of Mass Destruction, taliban linking with iraq, etc.)and never providing hard, tangible proof to any of their claims.

Let the wool be pulled over your eyes.

Posted by: Life Inertia at May 13, 2004 10:48 PM

I happen to believe that our govt. is most definitely to blame, at least partially. They keep harping on the fact that there are WOMD, but where are they? Sure, Sadam Hussein is where he belongs, but how many more innocent people have to die before the troops are pulled out? This man loses his life for what? When will it ever be enough for our Pres. administration? Unfortunately, i see nothing in sight but a whole lot of pain for our country. Look at us now. The men and women who have been placed in authority over our military are handing down orders for their subordinates to commit such heinous acts. Where are these people from? Are we sure they are Americans? How stupid can they be? What good did they believe they were doing? I'll tell you what they did, they have screwed us royally. That's what they've done, as if our honor wasn't already being drug through the mud, these men and women go and make things a great deal worse. I am so deeply saddened to know this about the people who are over there doing what is supposed to be bettering that country, instead, making it even more unsafe for people like me. I'd like to say to them, no thanks for the work you've done. As if things weren't hard enough, now it will take even longer for this nation of ours to regain it's respect and honor. To the parents of Nick Berg, my deepest sympathies. My prayers are with you.


Posted by: Misty at May 13, 2004 10:53 PM

Well let's be real here, first and foremost I would like to express great sympathy to Nick Berg's family for his tragic death, may God bless them and keep them sane. But one thing is that Nick was offered to go back to the United States and he refused, he should've known there was possibilities of dangers that he could have faced just by being in the area, he had no business there in the first place but he didn't deserve to die. Another thing, TWO WRONGS does not make a
RIGHT, US soldiers had no business doing what they did to Iraqi prisoners they made America look relly BAD! Just because of what terrorist does, does not mean we have to do it too. They'll do it to their own people so you know they don't care to do it to us. That's why we as Americans have to look beyond the Get- Back as far as torturing people, we have to fight back in a way that was well worth it all, no one is blaming President Bush I know I'm not, not for the death of Nick Berg, it was totally out of president Bush's hands so therefore I say, no one is blaming President Bush. But to speak so high and mighty about President Bush, I think not, now let's get on that, how the hell you goin blow something up then spend millions and billions of to fix it back up, in IRAQ in anyway, let's be REAL here, when over here in AMERICA you got homeless people, nowhere to live, nothing to eat or drink and you got children who's wanting to make something out of themselves by going to college, learning new things, exploring new worlds but of course they can't, you wanna know why, they can't afford it, so instead they'll hang on the street corners and sell drugs to make money to go to college, but before you know it, it's too late BANG there dead. So the money that he's putting into Iraq, don't you think we can definitly use it here in America? So what I do think about President Bush on that note, Bush ain't SHIT!!! Get his ass out FAST.

Posted by: TJM at May 13, 2004 10:54 PM

Oh, sure. Blame 9/11 on the US. Those 3,000 people were killed by the US. [rolling eyes]

Please. Spare me. The predators that flew those planes into those buildings for the sake of their bizarre impression of God are who killed those people.

And you are welcome to stick your head in the sand while Islamists who have the sole desire that you and me and every other American simply die at their hands to appease their evil perversion of God smile and continue to do their works; killing people as indiscriminately as possible.

You, like the prior poster, obviously have a visceral hatred of George W. Bush. Most likely, you cannot tell me -- truly -- why you hate the man, other than delivering some emotionally-charged diatribe with notions of the war and whether or not it was just/right/based on lies. Never mind that the hatred was there prior to the war; never mind that you can't get past the entire notion of using that man to personify your hatred for conservatism.

You want to hate those of us who are conservative, that's fine. But don't you dare sully the memories of those men and women whose lives were snuffed out on 9/11 by trying to divert blame away from the true villians of radical Islam, and their evil intentions.

Posted by: mhking at May 13, 2004 10:57 PM

Hehheh, we still cannot accept is our faul isn´t it?

That microwave, the latest DVD player, a nice car,
we think that comes only from hard work?

Is necesary in order to have those posessions that a many other poor people exists in the world.

Our selfishness among so many other things (like transfering the blame to another entity such as the government or leaders (they are merely mirrors from us, they reflect exactly who we are & we still as inmature that we are won´t ever accept it).

War is the individual, we are the war.
Violence is not only putting bombs or shooting someone.
Violence is also taking a flag, accepting the belonging to a particular group, religion or country.

To keep a expensive status quo obviosly a powerfull country needs war if not war explotation of its neighbour countries or in a smaller scale, the guy who owns the company & has his slaves who have to have determinate looks & manners to work there.

We are so proud, & that arrogance is going to lead us to the end of human race.

Remember tha tale of the egg & the chicken?
Who was first?
Who drop the first bomb?
Who made bad to the other one first? The palestinian or the israeli?

Well, we will never know for sure, but we know both sides can kill.
I wonder if one day, a palestine will woke up & realize nothing of that really exists (palestinian state) same with a israeli person.
Then they will see their faces & see a mirror instead, slowly, no diplomats no external aid to solve a basic misunderstanding wich leaded to war.

That palestine & israeli can get married one day, havig children who will teach the next generations about their BIG BIG BIG misrake of following their ancestors erros.

They´ll learn that nationalism & patriotism leaded them to misery, at the end they didn´t even knew why was the war.

Posted by: No one at May 14, 2004 12:09 AM

I am an American soldier. I am proud to be one. I am proud to be American. I am proud of George Bush. None of you can say shit about Bush until you've been over to the Middle-East and see it with your own eyes. God Bless America. Bush in 2004.

Posted by: An American at May 14, 2004 01:00 AM

Is necesary in order to have those posessions that a many other poor people exists in the world.

Well, it's official. You're clueless.

Here's a quarter. Go buy yourself a clue.

Posted by: mhking at May 14, 2004 06:56 AM

I think your question is bias "a few naughty pictures" these people werent posing for a porn magazine, they were violated and infront of the entire world. Obviously most people do not understand how conservative people in the middle east are, people dont walk around half naked, so to take pictures like that, and to pose them in homosexual positions is just , to me...utterly disgusting. The beheading of the man? Ask any of those prisioners i'm sure they would have rather have be beheaded than face the torture and humiliation that was so unhumanely bestowed on them. 9/11? I find it interesting that 9/11 is always brought into the issue of the Iraq war. They didn't have anything to do with it?
9/11 was a tragedy, but I wouldnt say that the United States did nothing to cause it. US FOREIGN POLICY. OH! and while your at it, check what the United States and Britan have done to the Middle east in the might find a reason to why they are so "pissed off".

Posted by: differentopinion at May 15, 2004 01:39 AM

Barbaric, Ugly, Not Right!

This is what I hear in response to the Killing of Nick Berg. I understand the agony of an American being beheaded, I can Imagine the sorrow that haunts the family, But what I cannot understand is the relative comparison between who is worth it and who is not. You see, I am against War, Against killing, and as any other " Sane" Human, I am against death and slaughter! But really, Mhking referred to the abuses in the American prisons, as naughty acts, and "Harassments" well, is that really the case? and if some pictures aroused sexual fantasies to some people, the truth really, is that innocent men and women " and i stress on the fact that they are plenty" not one person or the other, have been humiliated, killed and tortured just because they are IRAQI? Didn’t the US arrive at IRAQ to impose the so called freedom and democracy existing in American for the Iraqis, Wasn’t the main reason behind that war, is to free Iraqis from the barbaric rule of Saddam Hussein? Where is that freedom, if inside prisons, innocent people are being raped, molested, and most of all tortured to death in some cases.

Innocent I say, because almost 90% of prisoners were jailed for no reasons what so ever, my facts don’t come from simple TV or Newspaper watching and reading, but come from my research in IRAQ and my connections to human rights groups in there..
I have been there, and I know a family that lost a 17 years old boy who was heading to college, and arrested for being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, raped, tortured, and then killed by an American soldier, in front of his father who was also jailed for rallying against the imprisonment of his child..

this is ok? this is fine? this is a rich material for politicians in the world to blame Bush administration for what, and use it against republicans to win the coming election..
this was not by any means a human life that was ended brutally? And these soldiers are not barbaric because they were not told how to treat prisoners, as if you actually need to teach a human what is barbaric and what is not.

The relative importance between Iraqis killed on a daily basis, and an American being slaughtered on TV is amazing.

At the end, these souls being wasted everyday are not worth anything, are they?

Posted by: Mary. at May 15, 2004 01:43 AM

I believe that the Iraqi's are to blame for all this they possibly cannot believe their way of life was better with so damn insane in charge. He committed worse crimes against his own people.

Posted by: jeanne at May 15, 2004 12:01 PM

i know the wrold think that muslim kill nick berg but realitty is muslim never kills inocent it is agaisnt the law of islam it is aganst the law of wrold and humanity

Posted by: ishaque at May 15, 2004 10:00 PM

Tell that to all the innocent people who have died over the past couple of years, thanks to these predators' perverted view of God. If these morons wouldn't kill innocents, the New York skyline would still include the Twin Towers. Don't tell me about "realitty".

Posted by: mhking at May 15, 2004 10:13 PM

mhking..and others..please widen your is not as simple, muslims come muslims blame them..

and then, if so, Please tell me what did you non-muslims do to the people atleast in the last century, disregarding ofcourse what used to happen before..
let someone other than american, come and tell me what justice and integrity is.. You are not selling these concepts very well!!

Posted by: Mary at May 16, 2004 12:33 AM

Amazing..Indeed..! A true reflection of civilazation..

Posted by: Mary at May 16, 2004 02:35 AM

Media has ruined you guyz..

Your perspective of things in the real world, are truly controlled by what CNN, NYTimes or any other channel reflects to you..

Dont Judge..
Untill You know, meet and live with muslims..

Posted by: Mary at May 16, 2004 02:36 AM

This is total bull. America should just say screw it with this pacivist bull and go do someting about what just happened. We need Reagan back i office cause he knew exactly what the hell he was doing. I think we should go over to Iraq, put a shotgun barell up all thier asses and pull the trigger. Teach them to mess with us. At least when Reagan was around in office no one fucked with us and we were a bad ass country.Now people look at us as if we are a bunch of push overs you can throw rocks at and win a war.

Posted by: who gives a fuck at May 16, 2004 03:41 AM

Dont Interpert the holy quran like you want..

There is no such thing barry..

Posted by: Mary at May 16, 2004 04:09 AM

No offence..for anyone..As I will not insult, curse or talk like you do..

But i'd rather not be part of a teen-flavoured conversation.. I thought this was a platform that expressed maturity..
My Mistake..

And By the way I am American..


Posted by: Mary at May 16, 2004 04:11 AM

Barry I dont want to shock you..! but listen to this..
A man called Nabil.. 20 years old Iraqi..Was raped twice and killed.. He is disabled, as he cannot talk to hear.. The Man was going to pray in a mosque where he was arrested..
and that happened.. Those people are not shown in the media because they are IRAQIES not american, they are muslim not American..
Nick Berg's death was horrible, I must say..But please, lets not be extrahyper and convince ourselves with what the newspapers or governments tell us..
I lived in IRaq I know..
I was there 2 weeks ago, and i was in a friends house, and nabil happens to be his cousin..

I am not here to tell you whats right and whats wrong..But how dare you people judge a nation by what a bunch is doing..Doesnt the whole world have the right to hate americans and want to kill em all for what they have seen, and if those "published" evidence of torture was ok by you, would you want that to happen to you? your father? your son..

We went to iraq, we forced them to accept as with the declaration of freedom and democracy, we cannot have those principles set here in the USA..How can we market them?

I say it in pain..

Posted by: Mary at May 16, 2004 04:53 AM

Its a matter of relative importance as i said before..

Posted by: Mary at May 16, 2004 04:55 AM

Please don't put words in my mouth. I blame ISLAMISTS -- in other words RADICAL MUSLIMS for the ills that we are dealing with here. This does not mean that all Muslims are bad. But at the same time, this does not give "all Muslims" the power, nor necessity to attempt to subjuage, judge and act as executioner to Americans for their own pleasure or aggrandizement or "God-appeasement."

Posted by: mhking at May 16, 2004 06:30 AM

Dear Barry.. Give me some credits here.. I wouldnt lie and then expose myself that easily..Yes i am American and I am a muslim, and by nation i meant the nation of Islam regardless of being iraqi or not..
And about Nabil, His family got the corpse, and in the hospital, they were informed of what just happened..

You see, its very easy for us to judge and claim we know it all, by just sitting in our own houses watching TV, or discussing it with our friends..
I talk from my own experience living there and living in other "doomed" places..

Its not like that..

All I have to say .

Posted by: Mary at May 17, 2004 12:28 AM

My ass. How dare the Olympic Committee suggest the American and English athletes not run around after one of their many wins and celebrate by wrapping themselves in the stars and stripes or the Union Jack. "It might offend other countries who may already have strained views of us". Bullshit. After our athletes win, they should grab Old Glory or the Jack and shove it in their faces chanting USA, USA, USA or England, England, England. France isn't being asked not to celebrate. Germany's not being asked to celebrate. Canada, Australia or Japan aren't being asked not to celebrate. Only our two countries. Can someone say "discrimination" or "jealousy"? They just don't want to have to listen to our national anthems over and over and over again. And I'll guarantee you this. The mass majority of the people in the stadium will boo till their horse when the Star Spangled Banner is played. Right then our athletes should collectively raise their right arms and flip them off. Or in England's case, give them the 'ol two finger salute. But then we'd just be criticized for "unsportsman like conduct". Oh well.

Posted by: The Amazing Mohammed at May 28, 2004 04:51 PM